Don’t polish your ignorance…It may shine

Ranjit was a successful man. He had a business that was earning good profits, he had a peaceful family life, his only son was studying in the medical school. All was going perfectly for him. He had a humble beginning but gradually his effort and intelligence helped him to gain prosperity and high status.

As Ranjit became richer he started to become more confident about himself, which was fine. But gradually his confidence started to turn towards pride and arrogance. He would often discuss with his wife how his relatives could not reach to the level he had reached. Ranjit started to believe that he was superior than his brothers.

One day his uncle came from the village to stay in Ranjit ‘s home for a week. His uncle noticed that his nephew had changed a lot over the years. Ranjit was boasting about his business and money. He was also bragging that his son would become the first doctor in the family. His uncle said that he was happy for his nephew but also advised Ranjit to stay humble.

Ranjit didn’t pay attention to his uncle’s words and continued in his own way. It was like he was the best in his small world. As his friends and relatives were not as accomplished as he was his snobbery raised day by day. Slowly his friends and relatives started to avoid him. Because even casual discussion with Ranjit would lead to his show-offs and superiority. Ranjit would belittle everyone for every reason!

His younger brother Ajit was a polite and private kind of a person. He worked in a small company but he was a talented writer. But he never mentioned to anyone at all that he was a writer. He had written stories for different magazines over the years. He had also written a book that was published after a lot of struggle. One day Ranjit came to his brother’s house. He said to Ajit that he pitied his miserable existence and he might search for a better job for him if he insisted. Ajit just smiled. Ranjit went on with his rambling and said he was also frustrated with Ajit’s son who was bad in his academics.

In this precise moment, a man arrived at the house. He was the Secretary to the Councillor and he invited Ajit to inaugurate a local function where he would also receive an honour from the Councillor. Ranjit was astonished at this news and enquired what his worthless brother had done to receive so much attention and respect! The Secretary was shocked to see that Ajit’s own brother didn’t know about his achievements.

Ranjit got to know from the Secretary that Ajit has become a famous author and hence this prestigious reception. Ranjit was dumbfounded and asked Ajit that still, he have to worry about his son. Ajit was silent till now but now he spoke to his elder brother. Ajit said that he was confident that his son would take care of himself whether he becomes a doctor or not! But the main value he had taught his son is to stay polite and simple. Ranjit tried to boast more but his brother stopped him. Ajit said that everyone is superior to a few but inferior to many.

Ajit asked his brother whether he could write a chapter let alone complete a book! Ranjit said that Ajit was being arrogant! To this Ajit replied that he would never practice arrogance because if he starts doing that like his brother, he would gradually become better in that skill, which he certainly doesn’t aspire!

Moral: Don’t polish your ignorance…It may shine

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