You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.

In a faraway country lived a small girl named Mandy. She loved reading books and she had a huge collection of children’s books. As she grew up her choice of books changed naturally. From comics and fairy tales she moved to thrillers and teen fictions. Her old books lay in a corner, untouched and dusty. These books felt unloved and they sobbed silently.

One night the fat old fairy tale book called a thin worn out comic book and said how lonely life has become for them! The other old books all agreed. The fat book went on that they were all tiny bits in the vast ocean of knowledge! As a child would grow they would consume these little bits and move for another. Over the years as the child would grow to an adult, the taste would change and so all the old books would lie around and worn out. This was the fate of books, he said with despair.

All the books agreed except the thin comic book. He said that each book is valuable and their importance cannot decline over time! The fat book smiled sadly and said the comic book was naive! In the real world, each book has time to entertain its readers. As the reader matures the book has done it’s part and is left to die! But whatever the fat book said, the worn comic book could not agree with!

One day Mandy’s mother was cleaning her room and she found a heap of old, dusty books. She sighed and thought what a waste these books were! So she gathered them all and asked Mandy to clear them up. Once Mandy had loved all of these books but now she felt embarrassed to see them. She was a teenager now and comics or fairy tale books could not be in her room! What would her friends say if they see those in her room? They would obviously laugh at her!

So Mandy took all her old books and went to the library and asked if she could donate them. The librarian was a stern middle-aged woman. She checked all those books and nodded. She said to Mandy that her books would be a good addition to the children’s section of the library. A little mending was only required and the librarian gave those old books a fresh new look! Now all of Mandy’s books were looking so good!

Children who were members came and read all those books. They handled each book with care even if they took them at home. The librarian maintained all the books very well. As time passed, the readers changed but the books remained on the shelves. One night again a discussion started among the books. The fat book was happy nowadays and said that it really feels great to be in the library. You are never alone here. Someone will surely pick you up!

The comic book now said that it was because each book is valuable as he had always said. Books are the source of knowledge and as readers grow their choices might change but each book teaches them a lesson to carry throughout their lives! We are not pieces of knowledge but we are the vast knowledge in itself, the comic book declared. Each book is different and for different ages and moods, nonetheless, each book is an ocean of knowledge.

Moral: You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.

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