You shouldn’t drink poison just because you are thirsty.

Rohit was a struggling young businessman. He finished college and started his own venture that failed. He started his next business which also had the same fate. After five of his ventures bombed, he started to feel frustrated. He couldn’t understand where he was going wrong. His father advised him to look for a job but service wasn’t something he was interested in.

Rohit started to collect more information about successful businesses and was planning for a new set-up when his college friend Lalit contacted him. Lalit has become a successful businessman and he was extremely rich! Rohit became impressed that Lalit had made such a progress at a young age! Lalit’s company had multiple offices throughout the country. In fact, he was planning to make a global presence of his company. Rohit was stunned and sought guidance from his friend. Lalit said he can easily guide Rohit and make him successful too! But he would have to listen to all his suggestions. Rohit agreed happily.

Rohit had a very good upbringing and his parents taught him a lot of values. But Lalit gave him advice most of which were unethical and wrong. Rohit was reluctant at first, but his friend coaxed him! Lalit said that because Rohit had been so honest that all his previous ventures had flopped. So, unwillingly Rohit listened to his friend’s advice and shockingly his new business started to skyrocket! Gradually Rohit found his dishonest ways very appropriate and smart!

Within five years of this new approach, Rohit too became rich just like his friend Lalit. He also became arrogant and started to apply several dishonest tricks in his business. Somehow, Rohit’s father doubted on his son’s sudden progress. He asked his son if he was going in an honest direction. Rohit lied and said of course he was! Rohit realised he was not honest anymore but he felt it was necessary to accomplish greater things in life.

Years passed and Rohit prospered more. He had multiple properties, cars, gadgets and a high status. He was a popular and highly respected man in his neighbourhood now. People praised his generosity. Rohit was now increasing his business chain and he was the richest man in his city.

Everyone was discussing about his intelligence and talent! Even Rohit started to believe that he had the natural ability to become rich and successful. He thought he was smart and he named his dishonest tricks as smart decisions!

Suddenly, a raid happened in one of his factories. Several illegal things were seized by the police. Rohit was in big trouble! Lalit suggested him to stay calm as such things could happen once in a while. But Rohit was panic-stricken.

One of his business rivals had informed the police and the Income Tax department on his dishonest ways! Next, his home was raided and all of his factories and offices were searched. Rohit could not find a way to escape. He was arrested for several of his illegal businesses and black money. His neighbours and relatives started to gossip about him. How a boy raised by such honest parents could go on such bad ways, everyone was shocked.

Rohit wanted to become successful and rich. He was thirsty for a grander life. To quench his thirst he started doing illegal practices and that ruined him finally.

Moral: You shouldn’t drink poison just because you are thirsty.

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