Don’t blame the distractions. Improve your focus.

Sonal was the topper in her class. Her parents and teachers were proud of her. Disha was an average student in the same class but both were good friends. Soon Sonal made a new group of friends. These girls took part in every club, event and functions that happened in school! They were not good in studies or any extracurricular activities but they loved to participate in events just for fun!

Sonal started to enjoy their company and felt that these girls really knew how to enjoy life. Her new friends told her about the entertaining shows on the TV as well as the Internet. Every evening she watched those shows for hours and the next day she would discuss those with her giggling friends. Disha was surprised at this sudden change of behaviour of Sonal. One day she asked Sonal about her study routine.

Sonal said that she was intelligent and she could manage everything a week before their exams! Now she was loving the shows on TV and the Internet. Disha asked her how she would manage so much of the syllabus in a week before exams! Sonal wasn’t in a mood to talk about exams now, so she diverted the topic to popular soaps and the actors.

After a few months, the Final Examination time-table was handed to the students. Now it was only a week left before their Finals. Disha, although an average student had studied through the year and was confident that she would pass her papers. Sonal who was having fun with friends was now in trouble! She had given her name to a dozen clubs at school, plus her evening time was consumed on TV and the Internet. She was now panic-stricken about the exams!

Finally, the exams started. On the first day itself, Sonal realised that she had no preparation and she left the exam hall an hour before with tears running from her eyes. Each of the exam days were so difficult for her. She studied in the last hours but still couldn’t write well in any of the papers!

After the examination, all the students were happy and celebrating but Sonal couldn’t rejoice! She realized that TV and the Internet had spoiled her studies all this time and now she might even fail in the Finals. When the results were out, Sonal was extremely scared but was relieved to find that she had passed and got promoted to the next class.

But her parents and teachers were disappointed with her. Also, she was surprised to find that her friend Disha had obtained good marks and secured a rank in their class! Although Sonal was happy for her friend, she was depressed about her own performance. She said to Disha that all the programmes she watched had distracted her. The entertaining shows and those hopeless friends were the reason for her poor results!

At this, Disha smiled and said that it wasn’t those girls or the shows or the various clubs that she participated but her lack of focus resulted in such a poor performance! Disha explained to her friend that there will always be different sources of entertainment but if you forget your goal and get engaged in those, you’ll be in big trouble! But if you remember your purpose none can distract you! Who made friends with those girls? Who watched those shows day after day? Who enlisted in various clubs at school? Sonal did! If you are focused in life you’ll never let anything come in your way! But if you’re not anyone and anything can distract you!

Moral: Don’t blame the distractions. Improve your focus.

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