Be thankful for the hard times for they have made you

Raghav was an extremely hardworking person. He was born and raised in a small village. Over the years he had struggled a lot to complete education from school and then from a leading Engineering college. But his persistence and intelligence paid him well. He graduated from his Engineering college and got selected in an MNC with a lucrative pay package!

Raghav became highly successful in his career. He stepped up the corporate ladder incredibly fast! He was indeed happy about his career but he didn’t mention his humble beginning with any of his friends or colleagues. He got married to a highly accomplished woman. His wife, Neelima was a doctor and her family was highly established. Neelima came from a family of doctors. Raghav, on the other hand, came from a poor family. None of his parents could complete school let alone college! Although Raghav loved his parents, after marriage he started to feel inferior to his wife.

Whenever Neelima mentioned about her parents or relatives Raghav started to feel low. He never invited his parents or other relatives in family gatherings and other occasions. His wife insisted on inviting her husband’s family members but Raghav made an excuse that his family members won’t be able to attend the function!

Slowly Neelima understood that Raghav didn’t invite his family on purpose. Although she couldn’t find any reason for doing so. One day Neelima finally asked her husband why he maintained a distance from his own family members! Raghav was hesitant at first, but his wife pleaded continuously and so he said that he was ashamed of his simple beginning. Today he was established and had a high status in society but as a young boy, he had nothing! He studied hard day and night to get a scholarship to go to college because his father was too poor to pay for his college education.

Raghav’s eyes moistened and he said that he loved his parents but to bring them in front of the society where he belonged today, would be embarrassing for him. He was not proud of his past, that he was poor and had to struggle for everything in life! Neelima now realised that her husband was in frustration and inferior feeling about his past life.

Neelima never knew about her husband’s past struggles earlier! She immediately felt an immense surge of pride for her husband and she said that to Raghav. Neelima said to Raghav that she was very impressed to know about her husband’s background. She urged her husband to feel proud of his past! His hard times had made him the man today! Because he was poor and had no privileges that he was so determined to make a better life for himself. His difficulties had shaped his present successful life.

Raghav started to feel good. He understood that he was being foolish till now. Truly he never thought this way before! His wife was correct. Raghav realised that indeed his difficult childhood made him the man today. So what he didn’t have any privileges as a child but he had honest parents who taught him good virtues.

Raghav was subconsciously comparing himself to his wife. His wife was born in a rich family unlike himself. But she was proud of her husband and his past struggles! Raghav started to feel extremely grateful for the first time in life. He was also feeling ashamed of himself to try to hide his own family from the world. He immediately went to make a phone call to his family to invite them to his upcoming house party.

Moral: Be thankful for the hard times for they have made you

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