Every morning we wake up is the first day of our new life

As a young orphan, Saju was picked from the streets by a group of hooligans. Before understanding the essence of life, he became a criminal. With no education and a gang of mobsters for company, his career as a criminal became extremely promising.

One night when his mates were dividing all their stealing for the month, Saju suddenly felt a little uneasy. It was because of a small gold chain with a pendant. When one of his pals snatched the chain from an old woman, Saju was around. Suddenly the wrinkled face of the helpless woman came to his mind and everything became bitter for him. He couldn’t eat his dinner that night and when one of the rogues asked for the reason, he simply lied that he was ill.

The next morning he stayed in his bed while the others took off for their wicked expedition! Saju took the small chain in his pocket and went out on his own. He went to the area where a few days before his fellow gangster snatched the chain from an old lady. He was strolling aimlessly when he saw the old lady again! She was buying some fruits from a stall. Saju quickly walked towards her. When no one was watching he slipped the chain from his pocket into the woman’s half-opened bag!

After this, he walked away from the place somewhat feeling lighter and happier. This emotion was completely new to Saju. Today after this incident he suddenly understood the feeling of being happy! Earlier he thought material things gave happiness, stealing and robbery brought happiness, but now he tasted what happiness was in real! But with this understanding, he started to feel miserable. He understood his life was dark and hopeless.

Saju became so depressed that he went to his gang and announced that he was leaving them. His rogue friends, of course, did not take this news peacefully. They tried to brainwash him and when he still was not listening they tried to stop him forcefully. After a lot of fights, Saju finally left the den and walked alone in the quiet night. He had no contacts with decent people in the city and he had no knowledge or skill to get a job. He wandered around the city and found a bench in front of a small house. He was so tired that he rested on the bench till he fell asleep.

The next morning Saju was awakened by a voice. He looked up and stared at a wrinkled, kind face of a woman. This was the same woman to whom he had returned the gold chain. Saju started crying. The woman sat beside him worried. Saju said everything about his past and the truth about the gold chain. He was scared and thought the woman might call the police! But the woman smiled at him and said that whatever was his past, he was not responsible for that! But today as an adult he had a choice!

The woman said that Saju could stay as a caretaker in her house. She also ran a school for the underprivileged where Saju could also take lessons. Saju couldn’t believe his ears. The woman beamed at him and said that his gangster pals have been arrested from their den last night! It was all in the newspaper. She continued that Saju had taken the best decision at the right time! Now that he had left the past, he can start afresh. This was a new morning for Saju and of course, he could start a new life from there.

Moral: Every morning we wake up is the first day of our new life

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