Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form.

Swastika was a hard-working woman. Her husband died eleven years ago. She had raised her children on her own. She was a working woman and knew how to balance work with family. She had provided her children with everything often sacrificing her own desires. Her son was studying in a medical school and daughter had already completed her education and was a doctor. Apparently, Swastika was successful both as a mother and as a career woman. She had fulfilled all the responsibilities which her husband couldn’t complete.

But when she was alone, Swastika would often think about how life would have been different if her husband was still alive. She would also remember her dead parents who parted with her when she was a small girl. Although she was happy that her children were all established, sometimes she couldn’t help feeling alone and depressed. She would stroll in a nearby park every evening and think about life and the miseries it brought to her!

Swastika was a kind and loving woman but secretly she would compare her life to her friends. All her friends were enjoying life with their families but Swastika was alone. Her daughter was working abroad and her son was studying in a different city. After returning home from her office she would often shudder at the empty house. She sobbed all night and grieving was her daily routine! As she’d lost both her parents at a tender age she always searched for love. When she was married her husband gave her the love and security she always craved for. But her husband died in an accident after ten years of their marriage.

Swastika although had two loving children with her, she was alone again. She was providing for her children while on the inside she remained heartbroken and unhappy. Now that her children were also away from her she couldn’t find anything to do with her life. She finally realized that she needed some help.

So one day she went to a therapist for some support and guidance. Her therapist, Dr Sachi Desai was an empathetic person. Dr Desai suggested that Swastika should get involved with some hobbies and other engagements that would keep her busy! She was feeling lonely because she had forgotten to feel joyous about life. Every adult goes through phases of loneliness and depression, Dr Desai added. After some counselling Swastika started to feel much better.

So after this Swastika started to pursue a few hobbies. She remembered that she was an animal lover. As she had a lot of space in her house, she started a foster care for stray dogs. Those dogs became her friends and relatives. They loved her and she loved them! Also as she was doing an unconditional service for those strays she felt happier than she had ever felt.

People in her neighbourhood who were also animal lovers like her came to visit her place. Sooner Swastika’s house was filled with laughter and chatter. She was no more lonely, as her dogs had brought her immense joy. Swastika realised that her dogs were her family. As if the love she never got came from her furry friends! Her beloved canines tied her to several other people who were also lonely but came to visit her foster care. Gradually many of these people became good friends with Swastika.

Now Swastika had realised that life is wonderful and it should be rejoiced. There are things we lose but there’s no point grieving for those. Somewhere life returns the things you lose but maybe in a completely different form!

Moral: Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form.

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