You are unique and magnificent. You do not need the approval of others all the time.

Apurva was selected in his dream company as a Manager. Apurva was especially grateful to his senior cum mentor, Manish. He was the one who had been guiding Apurva from college.

The new job demanded a lot of time and attention from Apurva. One evening when he had just returned from office, Manish came to his house. Apurva could realise that Manish was a little annoyed at him as he didn’t keep contact with him for a month. Apurva immediately made his apologies. Shortly the two of them were laughing and chatting.

Manish asked how Apurva was managing his new work. Apurva said he was enjoying his work and also implementing new ideas! Manish said he was shocked to see such a casual approach from his protégé. Manish warned Apurva that his new ideas could put the company in trouble because Apurva had no experience. He gave some old techniques to Apurva that could never go wrong! Manish had experience in the corporate world for over five years. So Apurva thought Manish would obviously give him better advice .

From the next day, Apurva started to apply the strategies as advised by his mentor. Manish contacted him and asked for the feedback. Apurva said that everything was going great after applying those strategies. Manish was glad and gave some more suggestions. Slowly Apurva was always asking for advice from Manish. If his senior approved of an idea, only then would Apurva act on it!

One day a Senior manager, Mr Mathur asked Apurva why he wasn’t applying new ideas! Apurva said that it could be detrimental to the company. But Mathur urged that calculated risks are necessary for growth.

After a year, Apurva was in his office meeting, discussing strategies with co-workers. After the presentation was over, his boss Mr Verma asked why Apurva thought his strategies would work in the first place! Apurva started to explain but none of what he said pleased his boss. In fact, Apurva found that he himself didn’t know the exact reason why those strategies would work!

Mr Verma accused Apurva of playing safe and avoiding challenges. Mr Verma also said that because of Apurva’s slow moves and risk-averse strategies the company was making loss. Apurva was shocked. The whole year he had stayed at office after work hours, sacrificed personal life only to be accused by his boss! Mr Verma went on saying that Apurva was copying old ideas from other organisations!

Manish in the mean time contacted Apurva and blamed his boss. Munish asserted that his ideas were full proofed. It’s just taking time to get the results. Apurva was never a self-reliant person and so he kept following Manish’s instructions.

One morning, Apurva received an e-mail from his boss. It was his termination letter from the company! Apurva was devastated. He was so heartbroken that he started wailing. That evening Mr. Mathur called him up. He knew that Apurva was sacked. Apurva accused his boss and his own bad luck! But Mathur said that he’d earlier suggested him to be open with new ideas.

Apurva sobbed and said that his senior cum mentor had given all these advises. That he always listened to Manish who was more intelligent than him! At this Mathur said that after all, Apurva got the job on his own merit! If Apurva didn’t have talent, he wouldn’t have been appointed as a manager in such a big company. So Apurva had his unique intelligence and capability to work on his own. Had he not relied on Munish’s approval for everything, he wouldn’t have lost his job.

Moral: You are unique and magnificent. You do not need the approval of others all the time.

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