The surest way to achieve lasting personal change is to develop better habits.

About a decade ago, Ravi left his hometown for a big city to make a fortune. He was a man with no exceptional talent. But he was disciplined. He switched between a few jobs, started a small business and in a few years he grew his empire. He became a successful entrepreneur at a very young age.

Taking the inspiration from Ravi, a young man named Salil also moved to the city to achieve high in life. As Salil came from the same town, he thought of contacting Ravi to earn a few tips for becoming successful. Salil made an appointment and met Ravi at his house. As Ravi was a kind and helpful person, he gave some advice to the young man from his old town.

Ravi shared a few valuable tips. He said that to achieve more in life, one needs to cultivate good daily habits. A disciplined person will become successful no matter what! Ravi talked about a lot of habits like reading, affirming, visualizing the goals, reviewing the past actions etc. Salil was impressed and he said that he would keep all of these in mind.

After some years, Salil was working in a big company. He was earning a lot but was unable to become the success he aspired for himself. Often, he would feel depressed. One day he went to Ravi’s house. All this time Ravi had become more successful and rich. Salil asked the security to allow him to enter but they denied him. After this, he tried a few more times to sneak into Ravi’s house but he failed!

Gradually over the years, Salil had become used to his regular job and mediocre life. He also felt that rich men like Ravi were all snobs! Whenever he recalled the incidents when he was denied by gatekeepers at Ravi’s house, Salil felt humiliated. He would also make jokes of his interview with the business tycoon, with anyone who would listen! It’s so easy for the rich to lecture ordinary people, he would say everyone. Rich men don’t have to struggle like the rest of us!

One day there was a party at Salil’s office where Ravi was invited as the chief guest! After the party, suddenly Ravi recalled Salil’s face from the front. He smiled and enquired Salil about his progress. But Salil was bitter and coldly replied that none of his suggestions did work! Ravi asked him politely that what were the suggestions he had given. Salil was irritated that this so-called highly successful man didn’t remember his own tips!

Salil said that he was advised to practice some really good habits every day! Now Ravi asked what were the habits that Salil was practising! At this question, Salil was dumbstruck! He mumbled and said that he was an ordinary man and he had his daily struggles. He had to do a job, he had a family to take care of and several other responsibilities. He wasn’t a rich man with leisure time to practice useful daily habits. Ravi now said that he had responsibility for ten offices! He also had a family and other obligations in life. Furthermore, he wasn’t a rich man from the start! He had to struggle in his early years to become the man he was now.

Ravi repeated again that to change one’s life, habits have to be changed. A successful life is based on everyday beneficial habits. One must be willing to develop better habits to achieve lasting personal change in life! Salil sobbed silently that he didn’t comprehend the value of this big advice!

Moral: The surest way to achieve lasting personal change is to develop better habits.

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