Sharpen the saw if you want to keep sawing

At a young age, Dinesh became a fellow musician in a rock band. After a year he was the lead guitarist! He became famous before he could complete college! As days passed, Dinesh realised that he was indispensable for the entire band. People cheered for him more than the others. He entered the industry as a child and tasted success in the raw age of youth. Dinesh became arrogant. In an interview, in fact, he stated that he was the best guitarist in the country!

Rohit was an aspiring young musician. He always wanted to be an artist and he loved music more than anything in life! He was a member of a college band and he and the other boys were performing at small functions around the city. After some struggle, Rohit got a chance to perform with Dinesh and his band. Actually, a guitarist suddenly left the band and so they filled in with Rohit.

Gradually all the band members noticed that Rohit was an extremely talented and hardworking boy. He was adept in all the musical instruments from guitar, piano, violins, drums and every other thing plus he had a good singing voice. In short, he was a complete package for a rock concert! Not only that he was polite and always eager to learn from his seniors.

Dinesh became envious of Rohit and started to throw insults at him without any reason! Rohit was respectful as he knew Dinesh was much senior and a renowned musician. But the other members would often object on this. While Rohit honed his skills, practised for hours, Dinesh just mocked and said that talented people didn’t have to practice! People who have zero talent like Rohit would practice all through the day.

But in the next few concerts, Rohit’s hard work paid him well. The public was so impressed with him that suddenly all the attention was going to Rohit! The media praised him as a multi-talented musician and he also got the best musician award that year. On the other hand, Dinesh has gone to the oblivion. His arrogance led him to think that he was a master of his craft. That he would remain in his form whether he practised daily or not! His band was disappointed with his ongoing average performance.

One day their Producer came and hinted that he might have to drop Dinesh from the band. Rohit felt sorry and he wanted to help Dinesh. But this was kind of an added injury to the insult. Dinesh asked all the other members to support him but none did. Only Rohit stood up and said that he was willing to help him out. Dinesh was angry. How could a junior preach him! Dinesh shouted at everyone. He said that it was because of him that the band became famous and now that he was not at his best in a couple of shows that everyone is sabotaging against him! Everyone is now hero-worshipping Rohit. How ungrateful all his mates were.

But now his senior and the lead vocalist of the band, Rocky declared that they were not ungrateful. Dinesh had taken his talent for granted and so he doesn’t practice as he used to do earlier. Rohit, on the other hand, is always training and improving. Public is amazed at this new artist’s performance. But all of this has been possible because of his efforts. Rocky smiled and added that they would all love to have Dinesh with them. Only Dinesh must realize that to continue his career he must be willing to sharpen his skills!

Moral: Sharpen the saw if you want to keep sawing

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