Don’t make excuses. Make improvements.

Sonam was a young girl from an affluent family. She completed her education from the best school and college in the city. Her academic results were good and naturally, she was placed in a big MNC. Her office was a big brand and Sonam was proud to boast about her job to her friends and relatives. After she joined, a few days later a girl named Shanti also joined their office. Shanti was a shy person who would always remain immersed in her work.

Within a few months, Sonam became a popular employee. She was fashionable, smart, confident and everybody wanted to be friends with her. She was average in terms of performance and in no time her boss observed that she was not good in completing her tasks on deadlines. She would always give an excellent reason for why she couldn’t complete the task on time. Shanti, on the other hand, was an efficient employee. She always completed her assignments on time and sometimes even before the deadline!

Their boss, Miss Roy was impressed with Shanti. She observed that Shanti was a sincere individual who never bothered to be involved with chatting with others. Instead in her free time, she was learning new skills that would help in her job. Shanti was always utilising her time in a productive way. One day Miss Roy made an offer to her for her outstanding performance and good behaviour. She asked if Shanti would be interested to do a part-time MBA program that would be financed by the Company! Shanti couldn’t believe her ears. She was extremely happy and immediately accepted the offer.

Now Shanti was going to the office and doing her duties responsibly as usual and on the weekends she attended the MBA class. It was indeed tiring for her but her father always said that to achieve something big in life, one must always update themselves. So she was happy that she was doing a job as well as taking higher education. After two years, she completed the MBA. Now she had more than three years of work experience along with an MBA degree! She was the most deserving candidate in her office.

She was promoted to the managerial position. On the other hand, Sonam had received a warning. If she couldn’t improve her performance within 3 months, she would be fired from her job! A lot of gossip started among the employees. Sonam started to take part in those and talk bitterly about Shanti. All the other colleagues supported her. They were all surprised how Sonam had received a warning while Shanti got a promotion! The comparison seemed genuine as both of these girls were hired almost at the same time.

After three months, Sonam was fired. She was shocked and angry. She went to Miss Roy and started to make a scene. She asked how Shanti was promoted when both have the same experience! This was unfair and of course, the boss was partial! Miss Roy now called up Shanti and asked her to tell what she was doing for the past years.

Shanti said about her MBA and some other skills that she had acquired. Miss Roy now added that aside her qualifications, Shanti was contributing to the company. Whereas Sonam would always make up excuses, Shanti was trying to find solutions for problems. Miss Roy gave a final advice to Sonam, instead of being jealous of Shanti, she should learn from her! ! If she really wanted to do something worthwhile in life, she must utilize her time in improving herself and not inventing excuses!

Moral: Don’t make excuses. Make improvements.

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