Christmas Dishes From Around the World

Christmas is one of the most celebrated festivals in the world! Isn’t it true that whenever we think about Christmas, we get the aroma of the sumptuous Christmas feast? Christmas and food are deliciously connected to each other!

Here’s the various foods that people have during Christmas in different corners of the world:-


India – Indians enjoy chicken or mutton Biriyani, cakes, pudding and chocolates. The Christian Catholics indulge in roast turkey, roast pork and dishes of beef in their main course of the Christmas dinner along with red or white wine, beer or champagne. Pork vindaloo, Sorpatel and a dessert called Bebinca are popular.

Japan – Chicken meals are popular in Christmas. The Japanese love to have a white sponge cake with cream and strawberries as their Christmas cake!

Lebanon – For the Lebanese Christians, roast turkey is the main course. Sugar coated almonds are their traditional offering. Roasted duck, Tabouleh or their special salad, honey cakes are common.

Philippines – They love to have a feast with stuffed chicken, pork, roast turkey, beef stew, pasta, salads, cheese and got cocoa. The Noche Buena or the Christmas dinner is held towards the midnight of the Christmas Eve.


Austria – Their Christmas dinner includes goose, ham, fried carp, Christmas biscuits, chocolate delicacies such as edible Christmas ornaments, chocolate mousse etc.

Denmark – Duck is the most important dish for Christmas in Denmark! After that roast pork, turkey, goose and other meats are on demand. They serve their Christmas dinner with meat, boiled potatoes, red cabbage and a rice pudding called Risalamande which is served with strawberry or cherry sauce, with a whole almond inside. Mulled wine and beers are specially enjoyed during Christmas.

Finland – The Finns have a main dish of a large Christmas ham which is served with bread. They also eat smoked salmon and different casseroles with potatoes and other vegetables. Mulled wine is their Christmas beverage.

France – The French love to have a long dinner in the evening of Christmas Eve. Their dinner is called re’veillon which involves staying awake till midnight! Roast turkey with chestnuts, roast goose, oysters, lobster, variety of cheese, quince fruit paste, candied melons, cumin and fennel seed biscuits, fried bugnes, Pain d’ epice, fruit tourtes, waffles are the French Christmas foods.

Hungary – In Hungary their main Christmas food is hala’szle or the Fisherman’s soup. Poppy seed roll is a traditional Christmas cake filled with pasted poppy seeds and walnuts.

Iceland – Here the main dishes are gallon steak, reindeer, smoked lamb, duck and turkey.

Ireland – Turkey, ham, roast potatoes, Brussels sprouts, duck or goose are the Irish favourites.

Italy – The Christmas traditions vary between Northern and Southern Italy. In the North, they prefer roasted or boiled poultry with sauces. In South they eat the fried capitone eel. Italians also eat roast lamb or fishes on Christmas. The Northern Italians have fruit cakes, nougat and nuts as sweet dishes. While the Southern Italians prefer marzipan, biscuits, candied fruits, zeppole, cannoli, panettone and pandoro.

Netherlands – The Dutch have a Christmas gourmet. They prepare meats such as beef, duck, rabbit, pheasant and turkey, fishes, prawns, shrimp, chopped vegetables and salads.

Norway – People love here to eat pork and mutton ribs at Christmas time along with gravy and boiled vegetables. Rice pudding served with a raspberry sauce is a popular dessert here.

Poland – They follow the Catholic tradition and so their meal is meatless. They enjoy their Christmas meal with fish, fruits, vegetables, dried fruits and boiled potatoes. Poppy seed cakes and honey ginger cookies are their sweet dishes.

Portugal – The Portuguese eat everything boiled on Christmas from green vegetables, potatoes, eggs, chickpeas and onions. They prepare their food with olive oil, onions, garlic and parsley.

Romania – The Romans enjoy a multi-coloured meal including pork in main course. Cakes, desserts and sweets are also savoured.

Spain – The Spanish celebrate their Christmas Eve with family in bars and cafes! Boiled shrimp, Tetilla cheese puffs, cured ham croquettes, seafood soup, Tuna belly and lemon olive oil cakes are popular here!

Sweden – In Sweden they eat Salmon, herrings, boiled potatoes along with crisp bread. Sausages, cheese, meatballs are also served. Their famous dessert is a rice pudding or Risalamande that is served with cherry or strawberry sauce. According to the Swedish belief whoever finds the hidden almond from this pudding is expected to get married before next Christmas!

United Kingdom – The British Christmas is elaborate consisting of turkey, pheasant, duck or goose, pigs in blankets, roast potatoes, Brussels, sprouts, parsnips, redcurrant jelly, cranberry sauce, bread, pudding, mince pies, trifle, wine and beer.


Canada – Their Christmas dinner consists of turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, carrots, turnip, parsnips, poultry, roast beef, ham etc. Apple Pie, raisin pudding, fruit cakes, Eggnog, cookies and tarts are the sweet dishes.

Mexico – In Mexico the major dishes served at Christmas are romeritos, bacalao and stuffed turkey. Shrimp soup are also enjoyed.

United States – Their meal is British in origin. Turkey, roasted beef, mashed potatoes, gingerbread and sugar cookies. Cocktails and soft drinks are the preferred beverage.


Brazil – The Brazilians celebrate the Christmas feast with rice, ham, fresh salads, fruits and vegetables along with roast turkeys. In some parts of Brazil they have roast pork and chicken. Wine apple cider, lemon tarts, pies and cakes are the major desserts they eat at Christmas.

Peru – Roast turkey, roast potatoes, white rice, Apple puree and hot chocolates are enjoyed on Christmas dinner.

Columbia – The Christmas meal is celebrated on the night of Christmas Eve and they fondly call it ‘ Cena de Navidad.’ Lechono, Ajiaco, Bandeja paisa, Susado de pollo and Tamal are some major dishes here.

The food consumed in the different countries differs as they have regional cuisines added to the Christmas menu. The Christians have religious rituals associated with the meals such as praying of grace. The non Christians enjoy their Christmas feast with endless joy and enthusiasm. Presently people have added their own personal touch in the celebrations!

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