Perception, action and will are the keys to turning obstacles to our advantage

Harish was diagnosed with cardiac disease in his childhood. His parents tried all the best medical treatments but all the doctors stated that his disease was incurable. Harish would often fall ill and miss his classes. But nevertheless, when his health improved he would study hard and continue with the lessons.

Sometimes he couldn’t get a good result, but he would always pass his papers. His strong will and perseverance would always pay off! After completing school, he took admission in college. His teachers advised him against going to college because of his fragile health. But Harish knew he could do it if he really tried .

While in college he had to be admitted to the hospital for a month. The doctor said that he wouldn’t be able to continue college as it was stressful for his ailing health. For the first time in life, Harish became heartbroken. He felt that all his efforts and struggles had been wasted! His mother was a strong-willed woman. His mother would every day read an inspiring story to him while he listened laying on the hospital bed.

His mother would talk about how great men and women of the world had risen from despair and failures in life! How they didn’t accept defeat. How their strong will ultimately lead them towards success. Harish’s mother said that the Universe is bound to approve the courageous! Slowly Harish became motivated again.

After being released from the hospital Harish was confined at home but he started reading books. He would not only read the textbooks but books about the world! His parents brought him autobiographies of successful people, self-development books and several others. Harish would stay at bed and read. When he couldn’t read, his father and mother would read to him and he would listen attentively.

After a year he appeared for the college exams. Although he couldn’t attend the classes he wrote his papers fairly well. His uncle who stayed in the US informed Harish’s father that a new treatment had begun to cure the heart condition that Harish was suffering from. So Harish and his parents travelled to the USA for his treatment. The American doctor said that there was a surgical procedure for the disease. But there’s also a risk involved!

They would undergo a surgery which had 50% chances of success rate! If it’s successful Harish would be cured, if not he could die! At this, his father and mother hesitated but Harish at once replied that he was ready! He knew he had nothing to lose. In any case, he was suffering, so what if the surgery was successful! They conducted the surgery and it was a success. Harish became cured. After a month of complete recovery, he returned to his hometown with his parents.

Their college results were out and Harish had passed with flying colours! It was a joyous news for Harish and his family. After years of pain, finally he was having a good time. His health had recovered and he had completed college successfully. He started to prepare for University as he had an ambition to do higher studies.

Harish had gone through extreme sufferings in life. Harish had a perception to see the positive in spite of his challenges from his childhood! He also took action by preparing himself for his studies and he had a strong will. He wanted to become a Professor! He realized there are many students who are struggling with their own battles in life! Harish wanted to encourage them. He wanted to convey this message to thousands of young people!

Moral: Perception, action and will are the keys to turning obstacles to our advantage

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