Done is better than perfect

Rohit was an Engineer. He was praised by his friends and colleagues for his planning and decision-making capability. He was working in an IT company for over a decade. His plan was to stay there for another twenty years before starting his own business. Rohit was a perfectionist. He calculated all the pros and cons before making a decision! He realized that he needed this long experience before starting his own venture.

Sanjay was Rohit’s classmate from his college. One evening in a reunion Rohit met Sanjay who informed him that he was starting his business the coming month! Sanjay had also worked for a decade in a reputed company and now he wanted to have his own setup. Rohit was shocked to know Sanjay had not planned much.

Rohit laughed at his old mate and declared that it would be foolish of him to start a venture this early, they needed at least 25-30 years of industry experience. Plus Sanjay didn’t have a full-proof plan! Without proper planning it would be disastrous to leap into business. But Sanjay had made up his mind.

So, Sanjay started his business. At first it was indeed not doing any profit. But Sanjay was persistent. He analysed the problems and situations as they came and solved them. Instead of being a perfectionist he was taking action as much as he could. Within 2 years Sanjay was confident in his trade and within a couple of more years his business was flourishing!

Rohit in the meantime was continuing his job. The regular hectic schedule, demanding boss and office politics was consuming his time and energy. But he waited. He had to test the waters before taking a plunge in it! He was gathering experience and planning before starting his own business. Years passed. Finally it was time. Rohit was 52 years old and he was finally ready. He resigned from his job to start his dream business.

Rohit had saved money, gathered experience and naturally, he was self-assured about success. But as he started the company he realised the years he had spent as an employee wasn’t helping much. Although he had worked in this industry the problem was he had worked as a worker and not as an owner! He started feeling helpless and worried. Rohit had invested a lot of his earnings on this business. So he had to win this!

Rohit applied all his strategies that he had designed all over the years. But these strategies were not working! One day he got the information that Sanjay’s business was booming. Rohit was astounded! He contacted Sanjay and he confirmed on it. After this Rohit had a heart attack and he was admitted to the hospital. He was devastated. Sanjay came to pay a visit to him at the hospital.

Rohit was disturbed that how a man with less grades than him, no planning at all got to shine while he was the intelligent one with loads of planning and experience but he had failed so badly! He mentioned about his anxiety to his friend. Sanjay listened to him and then said what made him shine was his will to leap into the situation and take immediate action! While Rohit was working for his boss, Sanjay started his business. While Rohit was doing all sorts of intelligent planning, Sanjay was actually implementing his ideas and checking which ones were working and which weren’t!

Instead of trying to be perfect, Sanjay had taken action and he had modified them whenever required. Rather than trying to become perfect, it’s best to start taking actions.

Moral: Done is better than perfect

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