Change can be painful but it is helpful

Pravin was a middle-aged employee in a small company. His boss suddenly implemented certain new policies to increase the business. He modernized all systems and everything became computerized. Although Pravin had no prior knowledge in computers, he started to learn it from his 12 year old son! At office, most of the employees were furious because of the boss’s new decision.

To make things worse the boss also announced one day that the employees would have to stay half an hour extra after the work-hours, every three days. This was because the company introduced a computer training class for the employees. Pravin thought it would really benefit him! But his co-workers became angry. Soon the ambience in the office became so hostile that it was difficult to concentrate on work!

One afternoon Pravin was informed by his colleagues that they were announcing a strike the next day! A senior colleague, Mr Gupta said that it was because the boss was harassing the employees. But Pravin said it wasn’t harassment. Gradually all offices would become computerised, so the boss had taken this decision. It would be good for the workers to have some computer skills or later they would have to suffer !

Mr Gupta said that Pravin was out of his mind! If the company had hired them without any computer skill, why should they learn it now? Let new employees have computer skills! It was bad to challenge old employees in this manner. The other employees who listened to this discussion all supported Mr Gupta.

But Pravin said that here was the problem. If new employees come with computer skills while old employees do not update themselves, then wouldn’t the company expel the old ones who had become redundant! Nobody said nothing but they were all upset with Pravin. They thought that Pravin wasn’t helping them in their protest against the boss.

After few months, the boss sat with all the employees. He requested them to stop the unrest and focus on work. At this many of the employees started to say their grievances, Mr Gupta among them. They said that it was wrong to force them to learn a new skill and also it was extremely difficult and time-consuming! The company had selected them based on their qualifications and they were not bound to add more qualifications.

Now the boss observed them carefully and said if they would not update themselves within a few months time, the company would be forced to terminate them! After this meeting, some of the employees started to take the computer classes seriously. But Mr Gupta and a few others were still resisting. They continued to say that it was very difficult!

Pravin in the meantime had become excellent in computer operations. His boss was pleased and promoted him. Some of his colleagues were motivated by this. They too started to learn computers with dedication. After a few more months the scene became totally different. Most of the employees were proficient in computers. Only Mr Gupta and a few others were not coping with the new system. They were terrified that the boss could terminate them any time soon!

The boss met with all the employees again. He expressed his gratitude for learning a new skill so fast and so effectively! He now looked at the scared face of Gupta and said that because he was unwilling he was unable to learn it. Now Pravin requested his boss to allow some more time to those who were not yet adept. He assured that he would help them out! The boss smiled and approved.

Moral: Change can be painful but it is helpful

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