15 Ways to Celebrate Christmas Day

“ The magic of Christmas never ends and it’s greatest of gifts are family and friends.”

Although Christmas has a religious origin and it is the biggest festival for the Christians, it has now become an enjoyable festival for the others as well! Christmas is a happy occasion to celebrate from our hearts.

Here I am going to give you 15 grand ideas to celebrate Christmas in a very special way!

1. DECORATE YOUR HOUSE – Be innovative. Instead of buying those expensive decorations you can prepare those at home in your free time. You will find plenty of DIY YouTube videos to get ideas. If you have kids, involve them in this! You would be amazed to see how much they enjoy making the paper stars, wreaths, garlands and the Christmas tree itself! All the raw materials are available in online stores so that you don’t have to go out to the market. This preparation and decoration process will give you a festive feel!

2. HAVE SUMPTUOUS MEALS – What is Christmas without delicious, mouth-watering foods? Plan your Christmas meals at least a week before. Order a big, rich fruit cake and desserts a few days before. If you have a knack for cooking and baking you can prepare all those yourself. Have a tasty breakfast with salads, sandwiches, strawberries and ice creams. Then proceed to a heavy lunch with sausages, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, cold ham and salads. Your dinner can comprise of roast turkey, vegetable casserole, smoked salmon, cake, pudding and red wine.

3. BUY PRESENTS – One of the best thing about Christmas is, of course, presents! Plan nice gifts for yourself and others. Wrap them neatly with colourful papers and tag the names. Your family and friends would be extremely delighted to receive the presents. Surely they would also give you some. But there’s greater joy in giving and seeing those happy faces!

Some gift ideas for adults are – perfumes, books, hand-made crafts, scented candles, diaries, showpieces, box of sweets, scarves, jewellery etc. Children would love to have toys, dolls, chocolates, story books, candies, DVDs, bracelets, colouring books, pencil holder etc.

4. GET TOGETHER WITH FAMILY & FRIENDS – Christmas is the ideal time to meet your old friends and relatives. Invite them to your house for dinner or plan a night out! This is the day which you must share with your loved ones.

5. CHRISTMAS ACTIVITIES – On Christmas day you can go to an amusement park with family or watch a movie. There are several grand music concerts around Christmas, you might want to consider this option. Only you must remember to pre-book such events as it’s quite impossible to get the tickets in the last moment. If you want to spend your Christmas in the comfort of your home, you can watch a Christmas movie on a DVD or you could play some games or read a nice book.

6. HAVE THE JOY OF GIVING – Christmas is the time for ‘giving’. You can give clothes to the needy or your old books to poor students, cook a delicious meal for the orphans at a home or spend the evening at an old age home. In some way you can contribute and give. You can give money, presents, service or your time! Give at least something on Christmas to have the true feeling of joy.

7. GO FOR A PICNIC – Christmas time is for merriment, so why not set up a picnic in your garden or at a beautiful spot somewhere. Plan it a few weeks earlier. Invite a few friends and relatives. Picnic would surely be an enjoyable event in the wintry Christmas afternoon!

8. READ GOOD OLD BOOKS – You might spend the afternoon by reading old classics. A mug of hot chocolate and an old classic could bring a romantic feeling that will make your Christmas more amazing.

9. DRESS UP – Whether you go out or stay at home in the Christmas day, dressing up nicely would fill you with the cheery festive mood. Do some early Christmas shopping. Plan your outfit and accessories to look glamorous. Yes Christmas is the time to look your best! You can add some bright colours in your wardrobe to brighten up your day!

10. PAMPER YOURSELF – You must absolutely pamper yourself on this festivity. Either go to a spa or do some self-care at home. Give yourself an indulgence. Use some luxurious toiletries to spoil yourself! Yes you will certainly feel better and enjoy more if you start the day by exfoliating your skin and hair.

11. MUSIC & DANCE – Arrange for a house party and celebrate with joyful music and dancing along with friends! Christmas is the day when you can forget about your worries and cheer out loud!

12. PLAN SURPRISES – Christmas could be enjoyed the most when you could make your dear ones happier. Plan some pleasant surprises for your spouse, kids and parents. It could be a treat, gift or anything else. Think what they love and arrange your surprise accordingly.

13. PREPARE COOKIES AT HOME – The festivities start with Christmas Eve and continues till New Year. Guests are expected to visit your place in this time. So you can prepare lots of delicious Christmas cookies at home. It’s a great way to spend your time as well as it would be useful whenever your visitors arrive.

14. GO FOR A CITY TOUR – If you stay in a city, no matter which place on earth, there would be great decorations and celebrations all over the city. You might go out in the evening to see the twinkling lights and beautification.

15. TAKE A VACATION – The Christmas week is a holiday week in most places starting with Christmas Eve and lasting till New Year. You can spend the Christmas in a far off place to see how the festival is celebrated elsewhere. The holidays would no doubt refuel your energy and make you more optimistic for the new year.

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