Action must be persistent and disciplined to be effective

Pranjal was an average student in her class. Although she was not a bright student according to her teachers, she secretly believed that she could be a topper! Her parents encouraged her but they also accepted that their daughter wasn’t sharp! One day Pranjal asked their first girl Rohini to give her some tips. But Rohini made fun of her in front of the other classmates. Rohini said that how could even Pranjal think about copying her routine!

Pranjal was insulted and many of the other girls joined in this fun! They mocked how a stupid student could even aspire so high! Pranjal cried a lot. That day her grandfather came to a visit and he realized that she was very upset. He chatted with her and found out the reason. He said to his granddaughter that no matter what she should not give up on her dream to become the class-topper.

At this, Pranjal said bitterly that how could she become a topper when she couldn’t even get a mediocre result! Her grandpa smiled and said that he would help her out. She sat with her grandfather and chalked out a plan. She had to stick to the plan, no matter what! She would have to wake up two hours early. She usually woke up at 6am, now she would have to wake up at 4! She would study for two hours before getting ready for school. She created a study time while traveling in her school bus and also a brief 10 minutes revision time squeezed in her lunch hour at school!

Her schedule was hectic but she was determined to follow that! No TV, Internet, chatting over phone, even she studied during off periods and game classes. Her free time was spent in the library. She followed her routine daily. She also became more attentive in class. Pranjal started asking questions to her teachers! All her friends and even her teachers were surprised at this.

At the start her questions were not intelligent ones and her classmates teased her. Even her teachers were sometimes annoyed by her silly questions. But her grandfather had suggested to clear all her doubts at class itself. So she didn’t care about what others were thinking! She was determined that she had to understand the subjects well.

In half-yearly she secured a rank in class. All her teachers and classmates were surprised by her progress. Rohini started to taunt her even more. She was jealous of Pranjal’s rapid improvement. The more Rohini ridiculed her, the more determined Pranjal became. When Rohini and the others passed comments on Pranjal, she avoided the discussion by immersing into studies.

Gradually the final exams came. Pranjal’s grandfather suddenly became ill and the whole family was worried. When she went to visit her grandpa, he smiled at her and reminded her the goal. He said again that no matter what she must give her best! Pranjal was sad but immediately resolved to make her grandpa happy. So, she resumed her studies and wrote all her exams sincerely.

When the result day came she was nervous. Her grandfather said that he would wait for the good news! And finally, when she reached at school to collect her report card, her class teacher was looking at her with a shocked expression. Pranjal was anxious but one glance in her results made her the happiest in life! She stood first in her class! She had achieved her goal. Smiling widely she thought how happy her grandpa would be! She was also pleased to see Rohini weeping and glaring at her enviously.

Moral: Action must be persistent and disciplined to be effective

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