The 20 Best Christmas Movies of All Time

The best way to celebrate Christmas is by enjoying the day to the fullest. Decorate your house, dress up, meet your friends, eat a sumptuous meal and watch one of these lovely Christmas movies that will bring that festive cheer! Well, what’s Christmas without a little entertainment?

There’s, of course, plenty of old and new Christmas movies that can absolutely make your day delightful but here I am going to give you a list of the 20 best movies to watch in Christmas day!

20. THE HOLIDAY – This is a romantic movie with Christmas on the backdrop! Two lonely women, Iris (Kate Winslet) and Amanda (Cameron Diaz), disappointed with their lives decide to go out on a holiday in the Christmas season to a far-off place. They chat online on a website and swap their houses. They want to stay away from family and friends at Christmas. But these two weeks of holiday change the lives of the two women. They rediscover themselves and also understand the meaning of true love. Also starring Jude Law and Jack Black, this is a must-watch on a Christmas afternoon!

19. LOVE ACTUALLY – A romantic comedy themed around Christmas in which eight couples try to deal with love in different ways. The complexities of life and relationships are beautifully portrayed. It has a different taste as a movie but nonetheless, it’s a great Christmas movie to watch!

18. SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT – If you are in a mood to watch a thriller at Christmas, this be it! If you are planning to stay at home in the evening, definitely watch this movie to have the adrenaline rush. This is a crime movie in which a psycho goes on a murder spree dressing up as Santa Claus!

17. EDWARD SCISSORHANDS – Johnny Depp is at his best form in this 1990 Tim Burton fantasy movie. Depp’s outstanding performance as the scissor-handed Edward in a Christmas time landscape is an incredible watch!

16. WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING – It’s the ideal rom-com to watch on Christmas day! A lonely woman, Lucy (Sandra Bullock) saves a man named Peter on Christmas day, who is also her secret crush! In a confusion at the hospital she is believed to be engaged to the man by his family members. They invite her for the Christmas holidays while Peter is still in coma. What would happen when Peter wakes up from coma? Would he accept her as his bride? Or is it something else that’s meant for Lucy! This is a sweet, romantic movie to watch!

15. A CHRISTMAS TALE – This French movie is about a gathering of a dysfunctional family at Christmas. This is a sentimental movie about a mother’s illness and the different emotional sides of relationships.

14. EYES WIDE SHUT – A psychological movie involving individual desires and marital tensions within an enticing Christmas atmosphere would be entertaining to watch for sure!

13. THE BEST MAN HOLIDAY – This is about a group of old college friends who reunite after 15 years for Christmas! Would the relationship change among old friends? It’s definitely an interesting movie to watch on Christmas day.

12. MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS – The 1944 classic movie is based on four sisters and their approach towards love and life! This musical romantic comedy has Judy Garland singing the famous song “ Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” Watch the movie to get an old-day essence!

11. RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER – It’s a story about Rudolph, a joyous male reindeer of Santa Claus, with a strange luminous nose! This is a story about how Rudolph triumphs over his odds and emerges as a hero!

10. A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS – This short animation is centered on a boy named Charlie Brown who in this age of commercialism seeks a deeper meaning to Christmas!

9. ELF – A Christmas comedy based on a man named Buddy who was mistakenly transported to North Pole as a baby and raised by Santa’s elves! When he grows up, Buddy travels to find his biological father and a hilarious turn of incidents take place.

8. THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS – This Tim Burton animated dark fantasy is about the King of ‘Halloween Town’, Jack who falls into ‘Christmas Town’ through a portal and decides to celebrate the holiday there!

7. A CHRISTMAS CAROL – It is a fantastic adaptation of the masterpiece by Charles Dickens. This movie holds the true meaning of Christmas. A movie worth watching on Christmas time.

6. MIRACLE ON 34 TH ST. – This is a Christmas comedy in which a department Santa Claus claims to be the real Santa! This is a well-directed movie and most enjoyable in Christmas season.

5. SCROOGED – A modern take on the famous novella ‘A Christmas Carol’, by Charles Dickens is simply outstanding! A gloomy and selfish television executive is visited by a succession of ghosts on Christmas Eve to help him to modify his nature!

4. HOME ALONE – It’s a beautiful movie that can be watched for the umpteenth time! This witty and hilarious adventure of a kid against two thieves is set in Christmas time when mistakenly he is left alone at home by his family!

3. WHITE CHRISTMAS – It is a musical movie centered around a group of US Army soldiers on the eve of Christmas. The title song, “White Christmas” is very popular.

2. A CHRISTMAS STORY – This is an amusing holiday movie about a child named Ralphie, who has high hopes for Christmas. He dreams about an ideal Christmas present, a Red Ryder air rifle! Between an irritable father and a loving mother, Ralphie dreams of a wonderful Christmas day.

1.THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA – It is a child fantasy movie series that can be enjoyed both by adults and the kids. The mysterious wardrobe, talking animals of the unknown kingdom called Narnia, wise lion Aslan, the wicked White Witch and the never-ending winter as a result of a magic spell would surely captivate your mind.

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