The wrong companions can drag you down, so choose your friends wisely

Ramesh was a modest young man with a simplistic lifestyle. All his co-workers and even his boss liked him for his simplicity. Ramesh had no friends in the city he lived. So, other than his job he didn’t have much to do. Ramesh moved to the city only after getting the job. He was staying there for about two months. He didn’t know any of his neighbours that well, so he decided that he must try to get in touch with some people.

Soon after he met a man of about his age named Mohit. He was also new to this neighbourhood. Mohit said he was a businessman. Mohit often invited Ramesh to parties. Ramesh felt awkward in those parties as he neither smoked nor did he drink alcohol. Mohit would insist that a little alcohol or cigar never hurt anyone!

He was also introduced to a lot of people in the party by Mohit. He observed that Mohit was smart, stylish and so many people knew him! Slowly Ramesh became a regular at Mohit’s party. Also his awkwardness was gone. He now enjoyed the booze and the noise.

One day Mohit said that Ramesh needed some grooming and polishing. But Ramesh was confused as how he would do that! Mohit declared that he would be happy to guide his new friend! So Mohit gradually taught him etiquette, grooming etc.

Ramesh was now moving in the high society with Mohit. Ramesh was highly impressed with his new friend. At his workplace, all his colleagues were shocked to see his transformation. It was beyond everyone’s imagination how a simple town boy had become so different in such a short time!

Soon he went to meet his parents on a weekend. All his old friends came to see him. But they were perplexed by his odd behaviour. Ramesh was behaving like a snob and he was showing off to his friends and family. Everyone realised that Ramesh was no longer the same! Before he was leaving, his father just gave him an advice. He insisted his son to stay in touch with his good old friends.

But Ramesh didn’t pay attention to his father. He returned to his apartment and immediately felt relieved. Soon Mohit arrived with another man in his house. Ramesh was glad to meet his good friend after a few days. Before leaving Mohit requested for a favour. Ramesh laughed and said he could give an order than placing a request! Mohit said that he would want to keep some goods in his place. Those were finished products for clients that would be delivered in a few weeks time. Mohit didn’t have a place to store all of those.

Ramesh immediately agreed to his friend. He lived alone in a big apartment and so he had a lot of unused space. After this, Mohit would often come to store his goods. After a month Ramesh was going to office when a few police men came to him. Ramesh was surprised when they said that they had the order to search his place! Soon boxes full of drugs were found out. Ramesh was horrified and he explained that those were not his. The police asked him to call his friend. Ramesh immediately dialled on Mohit’s number. But the phone was switched off. The police arrested him immediately.

The police ultimately tracked down the culprits. Ramesh’s parents came with legal support and ultimately he was freed. But Ramesh lost his job. Also his reputation was damaged. He finally realized his mistake. He chose the wrong friends who dragged him into the puddle.

Moral: The wrong companions can drag you down, so choose your friends wisely

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