Life is hard and full of sorrow, so it’s important to celebrate the smallest joys in life.

In a far-off village lived a farmer named Raghu. He had a big family and many mouths to feed. There was a lot of expenses and the income steadily flowed into that. He knew his wife, Radha, sacrificed a lot for their children and his old parents. Radha was always smiling and happy. Her husband realized that she faked her happiness to please everyone. And this thought plagued him even more.

One year the produce of crops were really low and Raghu became worried. He had worked so hard for months with this result! Radha was a clever woman and she said that she had done some savings and it would be sufficient for the family.

Radha always had a solution to life’s problems. She wasn’t ready to sit and whine! She was someone who would get up and take some action. Raghu was thankful to his wife but still he felt miserable for not being able to provide for his family. After a few days, one of his cousin and his wife came to their house. His cousin, Madhav was quite prosperous who lived in a different village.

Raghu and his wife did their best to please their guests. But Madhav boasted about his wealth and his wife showed off her jewellery to Radha! Once they left, Raghu realized his unworthiness even more! Radha on the other hand, wasn’t perturbed by this. She was as usual cheerful.

One day he said to his wife that he would go to a town and find a job. His wife was surprised. Raghu said that farmers have an unpredictable income. So he would sell his land. Radha didn’t like the idea and finally Raghu decided that someone else would take care of the farming, while he would be in town.

So Raghu went to the city and got a work in a factory. At last, he was saving some money for his family! But sometimes when he looked at the thick smoke, he thought about the cool, breezy wind and the clean pastures of his village. After a few months his health failed. He was sick from the unhealthy work environment and the overwork. Most of the money he saved was spent on his treatment. He was also very weak and so he decided to go back to home.

When he reached his village home, all his family members were pained to see his thin, sickly appearance. After a few weeks, he resumed his health again by his wife and mother’s care and the fresh air of his village. But then he decided again to go back to the city. His family protested. But Raghu argued that the job will allow him to earn some extra money! Radha said that money wouldn’t make her happy if her husband was ill.

His parents and children also said the same. But Raghu said that he wanted to make his family comfortable and provide them with everything! Radha said that in life there’s hardships but what brings content was the little happiness in life. She said that when her husband wasn’t there, she had started a small business of sewing clothes. She was enjoying the work and also earning steadily. Their son had got good result in school and their daughter had won a drawing competition!

It won’t worth anything if Raghu wouldn’t be there with his family to celebrate everything in life. Radha said that she was content in the simple life. She just wanted Raghu to be on her side and cherish on the little joys as they come in to their lives!

Moral: Life is hard and full of sorrow, so it’s important to celebrate the smallest joys in life.

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