20 Symbols of Christmas and What they Mean

Christmas makes this world more beautiful and magical each time! Each Christmas season we see beautiful stars, bells, wreaths, trees, holly and the Santa Claus. But each of these are the symbols for Christmas and they hold a deeper meaning than just being beautiful ornaments.

Whether you are a Christian or not, it would make your Christmas holidays more meaningful, if you realize the use of the Christmas symbols.

The 20 symbols of Christmas and their meaning: –

1. CHRISTMAS STAR – When Jesus was born, a star was brightly shining on the sky of Bethlehem. There is a tale that the Magi or three wise men from the East saw this star and immediately realized that a King was born. The star was their heavenly sign to reach to their destination. In the decorations, the Christmas star symbolizes the star of Bethlehem that shined for hope and Godliness.

2. CANDLES – The Christmas candles are lit to remind us that Jesus is the light of our world. This is the light that should be followed even in the darkness of life. Candles are lit at churches and homes to remind that the heavenly light reaches to each one of us.

3. HOLLY – The holly represents the crown of thorns worn by Jesus Christ. It is a symbol of immortality. Also the red holly berries symbolizes the blood shed by Jesus for humankind.

4. CHRISTMAS BELLS – The bells signifies the birth of Christ. Bells are hung as decorations to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. They also are rung to announce the arrival of the Lord. It is a holy symbol.

5. WREATH – The flowers arranged in rings are called the wreaths. The Christmas wreath symbolizes the unconditional love of God for his children. The wreaths are made in circles with red and green to symbolize eternity.

6. CHRISTMAS TREE – The Christmas tree is symbolic of hope and eternal life. The tree points up towards heaven to remind us that we must always seek God among everything.

7. SANTA CLAUS – Santa is said to be a jolly old man wearing red clothes and riding a sleigh drawn by reindeer. He comes from his home at North Pole every Christmas Eve to bring presents for little children. Santa is the spirit of Christmas. He symbolizes the power of giving from heart without expecting anything in return.

8. GIFTS – The Christmas gifts on one hand represents joy and celebration and on the other hand it reminds us that God had given his only Son for the benefit of mankind. The gifts represents love, kindness and unconditional giving.

9. CANDY CANES – Jesus Christ is often regarded as the Good Shepherd, guiding humans towards God. The candy cane is in the shape of a Shepherd’s crook that is used to bring the lost animals back to their home. The white of the candy symbolizes the purity of Jesus Christ and the red stripes in it represents the blood he had shed for the humankind.

10. MISTLETOE – This plant is a symbol of love. It lives on a tree without which it would die.

11. ANGELS – The angels are the messengers. In the Christmas story there are multiple references on angels who appeared before Mary, Joseph and the shepherds to announce the birth of Jesus. They are the symbols of holiness, purity and God’s will.

12. DOVES – The doves are universal symbols of peace. In the Christmas season, images or figures of doves are displayed to remind us of Jesus Christ, whose purpose of arrival was to restore peace on earth.

13. NATIVITY SCENE – During Christmas, Nativity scenes are displayed that includes Jesus, Mary, Shepherds, Wise Men, Angels etc. In the backdrop of Bethlehem. This represents the birth of Jesus and it inspires people to worship the new-born King.

14. POINSETTIAS – This is a plant that blooms during the Christmas season. It’s star-shaped leaves remind us the ‘star’ of Bethlehem and Jesus himself.

15. SNOWFLAKES – The snowflakes reveal that God is concerned with even the smallest details of his creation. The water molecules has six-fold symmetry. Also, in Bible it is stated that the heavens and earth were created over six days. So, the six-fold symmetry of snowflakes reminds us of God’s marvellous creations.

16. CHRISTMAS COLOURS – The vibrant red and green colours have biblical relevance. In Bible, the colour red is associated with life and blood. Red also represents the blood of Jesus, his sacrifice for us. The green colour on the other hand is mentioned in Bible to represent nature and living beings. These two colours together symbolizes God’s creation and how Jesus can redeem our souls and give us an eternal life.

17. SHEPHERDS – The angels brought the good news of Jesus’s birth first to the shepherds. The role of shepherds in Bible is crucial. Also Jesus is said to be a “good shepherd” as he leads us towards the path of God.

18. WISE MEN – The three wise men of the East made their way towards Bethlehem to see Christ. They travelled a long distance to worship baby Jesus. They represent faith, devotion and deep love for Christ.

19. MARY and JOSEPH – Mary plays an important role being the virgin mother of Christ. She represents humility and devotion. Mary shows total submission to God as she said – “I am the Lord’s servant.” Joseph accepted Mary as his wife and took good care of her during the pregnancy. He is said to be the “righteous man” who was chosen by God. He protected Mary’s reputation and also her life. He represents kindness, love, dutifulness and obedience (to God).

20. Jesus – The arrival of the son of God in this world is in a simple, ordinary way. This teaches us to be humble. His whole life and sacrifices are lessons for us. Jesus was not rich or powerful but he is considered as the King of Kings. Jesus is symbolic of love, faith and forgiveness.

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