Busyness doesn’t equal fulfilment

Ashok grabbed the highest paying job! He was also a co-owner of a business. In the business, he was just contributing financially. He didn’t have the know-how neither did he bothered to go deeper into it. The days were all packed with his regular job, weekly business meetings, parties in weekends and so on.

His college friend Suraj, on the other hand, was still searching for a job. He said to Ashok that he wanted to choose a job that would not only provide him with money but with satisfaction. Ashok often said to his friend that he was wasting his time.

After a year of searching and introspecting Suraj joined as a teacher in a small school in his locality. The salary was ordinary but Suraj said that he would be happy as he got an opportunity to inspire children and nurture the future citizens of the country.

Gradually Ashok was out of touch with Suraj. After 15 years suddenly both the friends met in a college alumnus function. Ashok looked smart and sophisticated but Suraj looked plain. Ashok said that he was now working as a manager in his company. Suraj enquired about his business. Ashok admitted that his business failed miserably as he couldn’t give time to it.

Ashok was hesitant to ask Suraj about his career. Seeing his friend’s ordinary clothes Ashok comprehended that Suraj was under-paid. Ashok in the meantime wanted to talk with his influential batch mates. He was actually looking for a job as his company was shifting to a distant location. So he excused himself from Suraj and was talking with his successful friends. But none of them were giving him any attention.

Suraj was the only friend who talked with him in a kind and friendly way but the others were all behaving like snobs. Suddenly, Suraj asked Ashok that why he was so restless. Ashok said about his situation. Suraj immediately said that he could help him! Ashok was surprised. Suraj continued that he had started a school where he was looking for someone who could manage the finances and other administrative duties. It was a managerial position and the salary he offered was more than what Ashok was receiving at the time.

But Ashok was perplexed as when and how Suraj achieved so much! Suraj said that while he was working as a teacher his dream was to set a school of his own. So he took a lot of trainings and upgraded himself. He learned about business from his brother who was a businessman. He worked there in weekends to have a hands-on experience. Then with his savings and loan, he had started a school.

Ashok could not suppress his frustration in front of Suraj. He said that all this time he was having such a hectic life managing a job and a business, but what did he earn out of that! His business failed and his job was going to become redundant. But Suraj listened to all the whining and then replied that being busy does not equal to success and fulfilment!

Ashok never tried to learn about the business neither he searched for a better job. He wasn’t even aware of what gave him joy! If he had planned early, then he too could have had a joyful career. It’s easy to join a job by seeing the perks but it’s tough to choose a fulfilling career. It’s not about being busy and doing whatever comes to you, but it’s being selective in life and planning early otherwise life would keep you busy without fulfilling your desires!

Moral: Busyness doesn’t equal fulfilment

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