Practice isn’t the thing that you do once you are good. It’s the thing you do makes you good.

Rahul used to paint beautiful pictures from childhood. He was naturally gifted with the skill. His teachers would often appreciate his artwork at school. While in college many of his friends suggested him to take his skill seriously and hone it. But he said he wasn’t even near perfection to pursue it!

At college a new boy took admission. His name was Mridul. When Mridul learnt that Rahul was good in painting, he showed his portfolio to him. Mridul said that he loved art and so he was taking classes to learn and practice. Rahul couldn’t suppress a laugh! The work was below average and he was surprised that Mridul was giving so much effort into something he wasn’t good at.

After college Rahul went to University, after that he got a job. Gradually he was advancing in his career. 15 years had passed away. Rahul was busy with his job and family life. That he was so good in painting was forgotten by everyone. Sometimes when he was alone he would think only if he was perfect as an artist, he could have pursued it as a career.

Rahul believed that one should only hone a skill that they were excellent at. So he thought even if he missed his passion, it was all right that he didn’t continue it as he wasn’t a great painter. One holiday his son requested to take him out. Rahul took him out and after strolling a little they reached near the famous old art gallery. Rahul was excited as he saw it. He went inside with his son to see the exhibition there.

There were several beautiful displays. But he liked a particular artist the most. His son was also fascinated by the works and immediately declared that he would become an artist as he grew up! Rahul smiled and said that he would have to be excellent then! He pointed out the works of the artist he had marked. His son was also thrilled and he wished to meet the artist. Rahul was a little uneasy. But a man at the counter suggested that the said artist was very polite. He would surely talk with them. The man showed them the way to find him.

So Rahul went with his son to the big room where the artist was meeting his admirers. But as he went near him Rahul was startled. He had seen the name on the paintings, but he couldn’t even guess it was his college friend Mridul! The boy whose works were unrefined and clumsy, the boy who eagerly showed his portfolio to him and there was nothing extraordinary to remark that day! That boy had become such a reputed artist! Rahul was sweating even in the air-conditioned room.

He was rooted in his position when his son stirred him up. And the next moment Mridul looked at him and moved towards them with a friendly smile. He was pleased to meet his old friend. Mridul chatted with Rahul’s son and then turned towards his friend. He asked what Rahul was doing. Now Rahul asked him how he became an artist! Mridul smiled and admitted that he was an average artist in the start. But he loved art so much that he practiced it every single day!

Rahul’s son now innocently asked if he too could become a famous artist although he wasn’t that good in drawing! Mridul beamed at him and said of course it’s possible! Because practice isn’t something that you do once you are good at it. Practice is the thing that makes you good!

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