True satisfaction springs from within

Sushil was a successful businessman. His children were all raised well and doing their higher studies. His wife took good care of their home, in short Sushil was leading a blissful life. But he felt discontent and depressed. He always felt that something was missing from his life! Only he didn’t realize what it was. He was restless and anxious most of the time.

One day his cousin Suresh came to his house for a visit. He had come to the city for some work and he stayed in Sushil’s place for a week. Suresh often observed that his kind-hearted cousin was often restless and disturbed. Sushil on the other hand, perceived that his cousin was always in jolly good mood. One evening they were chatting after dinner.

Sushil was disheartened to know that Suresh was facing a lot of challenges in life. His wife had been suddenly diagnosed with a heart condition, his own business wasn’t going well and his only son was not yet employed anywhere. But in spite of all that he had come to the city for a charitable work. Sushil was surprised that his cousin was going through so much and yet he was so positive-minded and energetic!

Suresh had a joyous, ever-smiling personality that was infectious because while in his stay everyone at Sushil’s house was happy and laughing. Even Sushil was smiling and feeling so good. He confessed to his cousin that he was never content or happy even though his life was going well. Suresh listened to his brother’s woes and then he concluded that he should contribute in some way to the society. Life becomes dull when we become self-absorbed.

Suresh pointed out that although Sushil was personally and professionally doing quite well he felt dissatisfied because he had no bigger purpose in life. After Suresh left their place, Sushil began to reflect on what Suresh had said to him. Does he really have no purpose in life? If so, how would he find one? How would he contribute to society? He started to think about this day and night.

One morning his wife was talking to a maid when Sushil overheard their conversation. His wife was suggesting the maid to invest her hard-earned money properly. But she said that as she was ignorant of the bank procedures and formalities she was scared to invest in a bank. That she kept all money at home or in places where such written formalities were absent. Sushil immediately realized the problem of the poor, uneducated people. As they were not keeping the money in bank so they were not earning any interest. Also, they were keeping money in unreliable places where they could be easily cheated!

Sushil immediately understood that he must help these people. Shortly he asked the maid that in the Sunday evenings he would give a lesson to anyone who would be interested to learn about banking and investment of money. The next Sunday their maid brought two more women from her area to take a lesson from Sushil.

Every Sunday Sushil taught them about saving and investing money. He also taught them the basics of reading and writing. Gradually he got more learners. Sushil started to feel joyous as he was empowering people. He realized that Suresh was right. Now that Sushil was contributing to society by guiding the backward masses, he was feeling satisfied. He was no longer depressed because now he was content with what he was doing. And it was no doubt an internal satisfaction that his business and other achievements could never provide!

Moral: True satisfaction springs from within

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