The Book and the Page

Once upon a time in a faraway library lived the fattest book in the world. It had a total of thousand pages and took pride in it. Owing to its wide recognition it set down discriminatory rules for the thousand pages that it contained. Those pages that had pictures of famous personalities, mathematical tables and beautiful graphs were allowed to have page numbers on their bottom, a separate space on their top right to record the date and time, and a rough column to make notes and do calculations on their right. On the other hand, those pages that had plain text printed on them were not allowed to do so. The book had made it very clear that those pages who wouldn’t follow the rules would be torn away.

All pages accepted the rules set by the book in fear of being torn away except one. He decided to revolt against the oppression. He was determined to live a free life.

One day, while all the books were sleeping, he asked the pen to draw a mesh of horizontal and vertical lines across it and a separate space for noting down page numbers and date on the top right corner. In return, it promised that the pen’s contribution would be remembered forever.

After a few hours when the sun shone bright in the sky, the book was furious to find that a page had rebelled against it. Without wasting any time, the book pulled the page apart and it fell on the ground. Luckily, a world renowned physicist was passing by. He was in the last stages of proving his revolutionary theorem and was desperately searching for a graph. As soon as he saw the page lying on the ground, he picked it up, sat on the table and traced the graph. There was a look of ecstasy on his face. He ran to his home, put papers containing the proof of his theorem along with the graph inside an envelope and mailed it to the physics jury, which was responsible for selecting appropriate candidates for the Nobel Prize.

After a month, the physicist’s happiness knew no bounds when he realized that his theorem had been selected by the jury for which he would receive the prestigious Nobel Prize. A few days later, the award ceremony took place in a grand hall. After the program reached its end, the page was laminated and hanged in the hall of fame with other esteemed research papers.

Following the footsteps of the page, others revolted against the book and tore themselves. A few of them found place in prestigious research journals, others became a part of Bollywood magazines and newspapers. A handful had photographs of notable Prime Ministers and Presidents imprinted on them. Consequently, every page was immortalized and the arrogant book was lost in oblivion. 

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