The shark and the dumb fishes

Photo by Magda Ehlers on

One day a fish decided to become a hermit. He packed his bag, said goodbye to his family, and started to swim into the deepest recesses of the sea to meditate. Suddenly the whole sea echoed with a thunderous voice.

‘Do you have pepper, cheese, lemon, and mint in your bag?’ asked the voice.

The fish looked here and there and whispered ‘No.’

‘Go back and get those things. Also, bring your family along with you. I am God. I have come here to take you along with your family to heaven.’

The fish’s happiness knew no bounds. He thought that he is finally going to get the result of his good deeds. He ran back to his home, kept all the essential things inside his bag and asked his wife and child to follow him.

After reaching the deepest point in the ocean, he heard the voice again.

‘Apply the spices thoroughly on your bodies. Then sit steadily with your eyes closed.’

Enchanted by the idea of going to heaven, all of them rubbed the spices on their bodies and then sat on the ocean-bed with their eyes closed.

‘Now I will come there and take you all to heaven. Anyone who opens their eyes will be left behind. So, don’t open your eyes under any circumstance. Understood?’

‘We will do as you say God but please take us to heaven.’

After a few seconds, they felt something coming closer. They were excited that soon they would be in heaven enjoying all the pleasures of life. They wanted to secretly look at God but then it would have been against his commandment and they would have been left behind.

After a few seconds, they heard a loud burp. Then another. Suddenly the baby fish couldn’t contain his excitement and opened his eyes. He was scared to death when he found a shark floating before him.

‘You are a shark. You ate my parents and now you will eat me too.’

‘No. I am God, the strongest being in the universe and I look like a shark because it is the strongest creature in the sea. As far as your parents are concerned, I didn’t eat them. I sent them to heaven. And their souls are pleading to send you there too. Don’t you want to go and live with them?’.

‘Yes. I want to be with them.’

‘Then you will have to enter the pathway to heaven.’

‘Where is that?’

The shark opened his large mouth and said ‘here it is.’

As soon as the baby fish entered the mouth, the shark gulped him down and gave a loud burp.

‘Ah! Tasty. Let’s me find other dumb fishes and eat them,’ said the shark and zoomed off.

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