The wind and the sand

On a beach, the wind was blowing at full force. It blew the sand along with it.

‘Why are you blowing so strongly?’ asked the sand.

‘People sit, walk, and lie upon you. They also build sand castles. They like you; they adore you more than me only because you are visible and I am not. This makes me angry, which is why I am blowing with full force. I will blow away all the sand castles. If people are not concerned about me, if they don’t acknowledge my importance, then why should I let them enjoy? I will destroy everything.’

‘That’s good. Let me know when you are done with it. I have been lying on this beach for a very long time. I want to explore other places. I often talk with other winds and it makes me feel miserable. They tell me that there are cold places in the west and dry places in the middle-east. One of them also told me that sand painting has become a bit of a cult these days. But as you can see, I can’t fly like you so I can’t go to those places. Please have mercy upon me. Blow even stronger and take me to those places. This way, I will find a purpose in life and your anger, a valid reason.’

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