The young man and the old man

Photo by Pixabay on

An old man and a young man were passing through a foot-over bridge. The old man said ‘You remind me of your dad. Neither of you can run fast. You wouldn’t be surprised to know that he was called slow-po when we studied together in college. Running fast is just not in your genes.’

‘No I am not like my father. I run very fast. Let’s have a competition after reaching home.’

Suddenly a pickpocket stole the young man’s wallet and ran away. ‘Thief, theif, theif…’ shouted the young man. He chased the pickpocket upto a small distance and gave up. Then he returned to the old man.

‘I told you can’t run fast enough,’ said the old man truimphantly.

‘Running is not in my genes, you see! But guess what. I never told you that I keep my money in another wallet and it is safely kept inside my bag,’ said the young man with a big smile across his lips.

‘Now I know why your father always carried 2 wallets with him,’ the old man murmured.

‘Did you say something?’ asked the young man.

‘Nothing. Let’s go.’

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