Who is a Child?

A child is the greatest gift of God. He is the messenger of God. He doesn’t have any bearing — either with the past or the future. He is just living in the present. He doesn’t want to accomplish any great things in life. This may sound strange to you — how can someone, who is the greatest gift of God, wouldn’t want to become the greatest? Why wouldn’t he like to rule over others? Why wouldn’t he like to become Alexander – the Great? Why?

It’s because he is just a visitor. Earth is nothing more than a museum of dead skin and bones. And who would like to rule over dead things? Why would he want mechanical things to serve his orders? He isn’t interested in becoming the emperor of people who don’t know how to live. Earthians — the inhabitants of the Earth are already dead. They are already being ruled by so many things — the priest, the politician, the teacher, the friend, the guru, the holy books — to mention a few. There are already so many Alexanders in their lives. Then why would a child like to rule over us? Why would he like to become another Alexander? He has come straight from God’s home where there are no Kings, or Queens, or Generals. There are no Hitlers or Gandhis, there are no Marxs or Smiths… there are only Buddhas and Mahavirs, there are only Lao Tzus and Christs.

He is completely unaware of the rules and principles of Earthians. He just stares at you and laughs. Have you ever looked into the eyes of a child? When he is laughing, you can see water pouring out of them. When he is angry, you can see his eyes burning with rage. When he is demanding food, he is poking and snatching and grabbing. Whatever he does, he does that totally. He is completely involved in whatever he does. Because he is innocent. He doesn’t have any hidden agenda like the grown-ups have. He isn’t deceiving. He will ask for food only when he is hungry. He will ask for water only when he is thirsty.

You cannot doubt a child’s intentions because he is a clean slate. He is like a clear sky without clouds. In a child’s sky, you can see the sun, the moon, and the stars without any hindrance. There are no obstructions yet. A child has no doubts so he isn’t interested in finding answers. He is yet to form questions. He is yet to get into trouble. But for the time being, he is just enjoying. He still remembers the tranquility and the peace of his original home — God’s home. He is yet to understand where he has landed. He is yet to learn the ways of Earthians. And the process will start the day he learns to speak. But there is still some time. The child has limited time in his hand to remember and rejoice in the memories of God’s home. But the time is running fast. And one day he will have to lose his innocence.

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