Top 10 Upcoming FPS Games in 2021

Soldier Wearing Brown Helmet Holding Assault Rifle during Daytime

The new decade’s starting was very crazy, with coronavirus throwing off so many games and delaying them for 2021. Most of us are thankful to the video game industry for releasing tons of best quality First Person Shooter games. We expect that the upcoming year will get filled up with all sorts of great video game titles. These titles are either pushed into the New Year or titles previously scheduled for the next-generation console platform releases. We expect more than a few games this year for the anticipation of the players.

DOOM Eternal, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, BPM: Bullets Per Minute, and a host of other intense FPS games enraptured every player. And in the upcoming year, we are looking forward to more noteworthy releases of FPS games. 

We will showcase some of our most anticipated video game titles coming out in 2021 for the FPS in the list.


Will Deathloop still come to PS5? | Android Central
Source: Bethesda 

Arkane Studios, the first person assassin gem developer, Dishonored series, tried something different with their new project DEATHLOOP, which will release on May 21, 2021. The premise is very intriguing, and one can even play as an assassin named Colt, whom you can see on an island and is ready to eliminate eight targets. There is a time loop, which would make his mission level harder. The loop resets Colt’s progress, and he would die. The player needs to make each bullet and move the count during intense encounters. Besides, you need to be attentive and continuously keep an eye on the assorted enemies along with a rival assassin who would take you out. This new release, DEATHLOOP, is a worthwhile FPS mind trip.

2. Crossfire X

Source: XBOX

Crossfire is a popular free-to-play FPS within Asia and will soon see a new release on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Developed by Smilegate, the game popular as Crossfire X will remain mostly the same among players. However, it will get split into two factions as the player passes through various game modes. Besides, we expect a significant overhaul in terms of visuals. The game will have a story campaign, which the players can go through. Although we are unaware of the story yet, Smilegate, in partnership with Remedy Entertainment, will bring out the campaign. They scheduled to release the game in 2020, but the coronavirus outbreak and the global pandemic situation pushed the game’s release date into the 2021 window. 

3. Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood release date, alpha, crossplay, and everything else we know |  GamesRadar+
Source: Turtle Rock Studio

Yes, you guessed right. Turtle Studios! The same development team produced one of the greatest co-ops FPS experiences of all time, the Left 4 Dead series. However, this time, the studio has come up with the development of a spiritual successor with the zombie shoot-a-thon with Back 4 Blood. The leading player and three other survivors need to employ all the guns, melee weapons, and explosives. You will have all these on the deck to encounter a bloody crusade against the Ridden. You can choose to destroy all the survivors in PvP mode as a member of the parasitic army. With its release on June 22, 2021, this FPS game, Back 4 Blood, would satiate the blood of Left 4 Dead’s fans this summer. 

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4. Ready or Not 

Ready or Not - Exclusive Gameplay First Look (New Tactical FPS Swat Game)  2020 - YouTube
Source: VOID Interactive

Do you enjoy and love playing Rainbow Six Siege? If yes, then the new development by VOID Interactive Ready or Not is sure to make you feel interested. The game is a tactical FPS where the players take the role of the swat team. The game is gear towards realism, with the players need to diffuse different hostile situations. The player needs to understand the issue and then implement an assortment of ballistic shields, door rams, and even tactical ladders.

The developers have undoubtedly done great work by effectively communicating with the team of special police globally. The communication with the global special police team helped in better development processes for ballistic penetration, Kevlar, ricochet, and other dynamics that police use in the real-life situation. The game was sure to hit the marketplace late in 2020, but with the picture of coronavirus and the global pandemic situation, we will need to wait for the New Year to come. 

5. Core Decay

Core Decay - Wikipedia
Source: Ivar Hill, Slipgate Ironworks

Developed by Ivar Hill, Slipgate Ironworks, Core Decay harbors an old-school FPS vibe that is sure to excite Quake Half-Life and Duke Nukem’s fans. The player’s main goal within this brand new IP center is to explore massive facilities on a version of Earth on its last legs. Simultaneously, the player is hot on the trail of a secret organization, which will help preserve humanity through sinister means. The player needs to shoot the waves of baddies and upgrade themself with cybernetic implants. What I loved is that the player needs to map out his or her path through the game’s mysterious locales and survive a dark future, which takes place within 2089. 

6. Dying Light 2 

Dying Light 2, Techland promises to share development updates in the new  year »Let's Talk About Videogames
Source: Techland

The fans of Dying Light in the upcoming year will receive another installment from Techland. The video game players will soon have to face the undead threat but in a new city. In the game, the player will find their character can maneuver around the buildings and objects efficiently with parkour-style skills. However, there is a significant change in the game from its first installation. Can you guess it? If you are thinking that the developers are giving a variety of choices. These varieties of options will help the players to alter the narrative campaign. However, it would be best if you were very careful while deciding your actions as they might have tremendous repercussions. 

7. Far Cry 6 

Far Cry 6 details and release date leaked – official reveal on Sunday |  Metro News
Source: Ubisoft Toronto

Ubisoft’s far Cry 6 will take the players to the Caribbean Island of Yara, which is a quite island fit for exploration. In the game developers’ view, this is the most extensive Far Cry map where the once tropical paradise turned sour. After a harsh regime, which a fascist dictator controls, players step into the resistance and then attempt to overthrow El Presidate Anton Costillo’s authority. Thereby, the players reclaim a peaceful state of Yara. 

8. POSTAL: Brain Damaged

POSTAL: Brain Damaged on Steam
Source: Hyperstrange, CreativeForge Games

Hyperstrange, CreativeForge’s POSTAL series, always went to the extremes concerning the blood, gore, and outrageous humor. The new game of the series Brain Damaged done things a bit differently this time, especially when it comes to the main gameplay’s hook. The FPS, instead of perusing through an open world, places the players within certain assorted stages and embraces the tactics, which we often find in the retro shooters. The violent factor is still the all-time high in the new game for the longtime fans. Besides, the throwback approach to the fast-paced and skill-based gunplay is sure to keep the players wholly entertained. 

9. Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 Gameplay Trailer - YouTube
Source: Blizzard Entertainment

The hero-based shooters ruled the market for a good time. But Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch is a new standard. The developer successfully delivered a game that pinned a team of heroes to find working together in an FPS style match. The layers will come across a roster of characters having unique abilities. Plenty of newcomers and veterans have logged into the game daily. The developers launched the game in 2016, the game. However, in the past year, we received unveiling news of Overwatch 2. 

Yes, it is not a brand new game, but essentially an update of sorts, where players will come across new heroes and game modes. The best part is that only those who have the original Overwatch title will receive the game. Unfortunately, we failed to get any launch window, and we will have to wait for the year to end. So far, we do not have any news regarding the release date, and hence, we need to keep an eye out for any new announcements or updates from Blizzard Entertainment. 

10. Halo Infinite 

Halo Infinite - Release date, Story, Multiplayer - RevoirTech
Source: 343 Industries

343 Industries’ Halo Infinite is a massively anticipated video game title for the fans who always enjoy the Halo franchise since its first launch. The game is an intense science fiction FPS with weapons ranging from standard military arsenal to alien technology. Moreover, it feels that the Master Chief might have some new perquisites to give him a competitive edge similar to that of a grapple system.

Still, after the game’s announcement, a fan had to wait a bit longer before receiving any further information or even the gameplay footage. It was E3 2019 that players received their first cinematic reveal for the Halo Infinite. 

Even the developers promised the release of the game for the public during E3 2020. Unfortunately, due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 and the global pandemic situation, the developers had to postpone the game’s release. Even we failed to reveal the gameplay footage during an Xbox Series X Stream from Microsoft. However, the fans quickly pointed out the lack of quality and details for the next-generation video game title.

To meet the fans’ demands, the developers opted to go back and delay the release date of the game. The developers wished to release the Xbox Series X in 2020 without Halo Infinite as a launch title. We expect the game to release in 2021 and hope that it would feature the same gameplay style we are accustomed to receiving from the franchise. 

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