Five Quick and Easy Ways to Look Sexy On Your Second Date… even if you messed up the first

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How to make your second date better than your first one?

We live in the days of Tinder swiping and hookups, where dates seem like an anachronism. I love going on dates, only to find that the first dates are never the perfect ones. Yes, they are the most awkward ones. Why? When I remember my first date, I was nervous, unsure of what to talk about. 

Moreover, I even failed to realize if we were attracted to each other. The first date is just a vetting process, where both of us make sure that we are into each other and not creeping each other out. Worry not! Did you win a second date? Enjoy it, as it is where both of you begin the real stuff. 

On your second date, you will have the chance to talk more in-depth about what is important to you. After the first date, you become courageous, giving your date a glimpse of your real personality and character. You feel comfortable to talk about your hobbies, passions, likes, and dislikes. 

Remember not to divulge deep into your darkest secrets. Yet, you can share a glimpse of some of the most important subjects, like your past relationships and your political and religious views. 

We will guide you through the article to make your second date more exciting, from the clothes to conversations to kissing and flirting. With the end of the date, you will have a clear picture of each other’s true self and get a sense of what you are looking for. 

1. The Dress 

For your second date, choose something more casual than you did on your first date. If you pulled out some of the best clothes from your wardrobe on your first date for creating a sexy impression on each other, remember not to repeat the same for the second. 

If you are a man, go for a nice shirt or a t-shirt paired with jeans or khakis. Wear casual shoes such as Converse. You can optionally go for a jacket as well, but again, it is not essential. If you are a woman, opt for a light body-hugging t-shirt paired with skinny jeans and heels. Alternatively, you can also go with a flirty summer dress paired with flip-flops. Try to be natural and try not wearing something that you do not wear or you feel uncomfortable.

If you do not have any casuals to wear on your second date, you can go shopping online. Several online clothing sites have exclusive collections for dates and party wear.  

2. Do Something Different 

Do not repeat what you both did earlier and come up with some new ideas. Doing something new and different will give you a unique and positive environment with a fresh perspective. Trying something new helps both parties get free from the loop and run of things to talk about. The second date need not be a formal one as before. Instead, ensure that it is something simple. It can be a quick bite at a local restaurant or a suitable movie date. 

If you decide to meet at the restaurant, invite for a romantic vibe for the evening. I still remember my second date when I was thrilled when I opened the door to the restaurant and spotted my lover across the room before I walked over to give him a kiss and a warm hug. 

3. Greeting with a Hug

Do you know the best way to start your second date? If you guessed it to be a smile, a warm and friendly hug, along with a cute little peck on the cheek, it is right. When you greet your date, never forget to indulge in a long warm hug. Hug each other using both your arms. A friendly and long hug helps break the ice instantly and puts both of you into a comfortable zone. 

4. Flirt More 

We usually do not flirt on our first date, as it is indirect and subtle. And will you like to sound desperate during the first meeting? However, the second date is when we slowly start losing ourselves and start flirting. 

Do not forget to compliment your date. You might reserve about giving compliments earlier, but the second date is the high time when you can state about your attraction. 

Here are some examples: 

“I didn’t want to sound awkward and hence didn’t say earlier, but you have a great personality.”

“Each time I see you, your smile gives me light.” 

5. Reach Out for a Gentle, Subtle Touch and End The Date with a Kiss

If you go out for touch on your first date, it is a sign of desperation, and the opposite party might creep you out. However, on your second date, it is a way to show the signal to your attraction. Suppose you feel attracted to your date, the first lookout for your date’s signs of interest and body language. You might think that your date is into you and natural. What to do then? Here are some ideas:

  • You can place a hand on your date while you both laugh.
  • You can also put your hand on the back of the shoulder of your date. 

However, if the date is hesitating or pulling apart from you when you touch, do not try again. When you are in doubt, ask if your date is comfortable with your approach. 

Do you see potential in your date and want to take the connection further? Then, a good kiss is the best one. Again, never forget to ask, as consent is always sexy. The first kiss is an excellent way to check how your date feels about your relationship’s short-term future. However, negative vibes, backing away, or a complete lack of interest are some of the signs that your date is not interested. 

The second date is much like your first one, where you cannot have too many expectations. You are still in the process to know each other and must not set a bar that any one of you cannot meet.

Guest Post by Rudrani

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