Republic Day 2021: 11 interesting facts that you must know as an Indian

Republic Day 2021 Holiday | Bank Holiday 2021
Republic Day

India has been celebrating Republic Day on 26th January every year since 1950, when the Indian constitution came into effect. Every Indian sits in front of their T.V to watch the symbolic march past as hundreds of uniformed-men march across the Rajpath while saluting the president. We also get to experience every Indian state’s vibrant culture as they present their folk dances and landmarks in front of Indian citizens. And how can we forget the jawans that show acrobatics on motorcycles and the fabulous air shows? But still, there are numerous essential things about the Republic day celebrations that you must know.

This article will shed light on the 11 interesting facts about the republic day celebrations you must know as an Indian.

1. India’s Independence Day or Purna Swaraj Day was first celebrated on 26th January 1930. On this day, Indians decided to gain complete independence or total freedom from British control.

Purna Swaraj Day 

2. India celebrated its first republic day on 26th January 1950, a little less than 3 years after celebrating the first Independence day on 15th August 1947.

Republic Day celebration 1950 

3. The Indian constitution was framed in 2 years, 11 months, and 18 days by a drafting committee led by Dr. BR Ambedkar.

Constitution of India

4. Originally, the Indian constitution was printed in Hindi and English. You will be surprised to know that both of these copies were handwritten.

Indian constitution in Hindi (left) and English (right)

5. The Indian constitution is the longest written constitution in the world. It has 444 articles that are further divided into 22 parts and 12 schedules. Since 1950, 118 amendments have been made to the constitution of India.

Amendments in the Indian constitution

6. Did you know that there are no printed copies of the Indian consitution? You can find the calligraphed copies of the constitution of India.

The Constitution of India is handwritten

7. The English version of the Indian constitution has 117,369 words.

Indian constitution has 117,369 words

8. The original copies of the Indian constitution are kept in a particular helium-filled case in the Indian parliament’s library.

Helium filled cases

9. You might think that the republic day celebrations start on 26th January and ends on the same day. But that isn’t true. The republic day celebrations end on 29th January with a beating retreat ceremony.

Beating Retreat ceremony

10. “Abide with me,” a Christian hymn, which was one of Mahatma Gandhi’s favorites, is played during the republic day parade.

Mahatma Gandhi

11. The chief guest for India’s first republic day was President Sukarno, the first head of state of Indonesia.

President Sukarno of Indonesia

Did you know all these facts? Do you feel you have something interesting to share? Then put them in the comments section.

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