Quote of the day 22/1/2021

Photo by Fabian Wiktor on Pexels.com

An archeologist was digging the soil to find the remains of an extinct species of dinosaurs. 

After years of excavation, he suddenly bumped up on something hard. He thought he had found the dinosaur’s bones and now he would become famous. 

Without conducting rigorous experiments, he sent his thesis to an acclaimed scientific journal. After a few months, he received a letter from the journal stating” 


We are extremely delighted to tell you that you have discovered a dinosaur’s poop in its original state. We have called journalists from across the world who would like to click pictures of you along with the poop. You can also take a small piece of the poop along with you. We will be waiting for you at our headquarters.

Thanks and regards,

The International Journal of animal poop.

— Nishant

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