26 Insanely Adorable Facts about Swami Vivekananda That Will Make You Open Your Eyes like An Owl

Born as Narendra Dutta, Swami Vivekananda was a great orator, thinker, and passionate patriot. Indians commemorate National Youth Day for observing his birth anniversary on January 12. Among all the monks, Swami Vivekananda’s name flashes clear and bright. He preached about humanity and unity among all the people. He further called in for global integrity…

10 Reasons Why Words Are Means of Avoiding Communication

All of us need to speak a language to communicate with one another. Even people with speech impairments communicate with brail and sign languages. However, where people fail to understand each other’s language, communication becomes difficult. Linguistic barriers are the most common form of barrier responsible for causing misunderstandings and misinterpretations among people.  Most of…

10 Interesting Facts about Guru Govind Singh Ji: The Tenth Sikh Guru

The whole country turns into a mini-Punjab while celebrating the birth anniversary of Guru Gobind Ji. According to the Julian Calendar, Guruji was born on December 22, 1666, as Govind Rai. However, as per the lunar calendar, his birth anniversary falls in January every year. He was the tenth and the last Guru of Sikhism. The entire Sikh community gets inspiration from his teachings and carries his preaching and values forward through generations.

Top 10 Upcoming FPS Games in 2021

The new decade’s starting was very crazy, with coronavirus throwing off so many games and delaying them for 2021. Most of us are thankful to the video game industry for releasing tons of best quality First Person Shooter games. We expect that the upcoming year will get filled up with all sorts of great video game titles. These titles are either pushed into the New Year or titles previously scheduled for the next-generation console platform releases. We expect more than a few games this year for the anticipation of the players.

Top 10 Cool Gadgets for an Amazing Start to 2021

With the high rate of transmission of COVID-19, 2020 has been a tough year. Even a decade ago, the concept of 4G was completely new to us. However, over the past year, massive corporations and startups lined up several new releases. Unbelievably, despite the global pandemic situation, we have several new gadgets that are sure to make our lives comfortable, more efficient and more entertaining.

Top 10 Richest Indian Kings

While India is considered a developing economy, we have long walked on a path of economic progress, which evident today, in pre-colonial times, and in colonial times. In contemporary times the Tata’s and the Ambani’s, among others, are justifiably considered India’s Maharajas based on the wealth these business tycoons have earned and accumulated. However, this…

10 facts about Matsya Avatar that you never knew

The Hindu Trimurti is formed with the involvement of Brahma (creator), Shiva (destroyer) and Vishnu (protector). Here, Lord Vishnu is one of the male Hindu deities who is known to have 10 forms of incarnations in his life, which he took to save the earth, whenever there was any turmoil. All the avatars had the…