Five Quick and Easy Ways to Look Sexy On Your Second Date… even if you messed up the first

We live in the days of Tinder swiping and hookups, where dates seem like an anachronism. I love going on dates, only to find that the first dates are never the perfect ones. Yes, they are the most awkward ones. Why? When I remember my first date, I was nervous, unsure of what to talk about.


​ FAQs on Withdrawal of Legal Tender Character of the Old High Denomination (OHD) Bank Notes. 1. Why is this scheme? The incidence of fake Indian currency notes in higher denomination has increased. For ordinary persons, the fake notes look similar to genuine notes, even though no security feature has been copied. The fake notes…

5 ways to be a smart person

Are you always jealous of the fact that your friend, colleague or partner is smarter than you! Do people tease you by calling you dumb! Do you want to become smarter and be respected among your peer group! Well then here are 5 secrets to become smarter than the rest.

5 things to take care in a temple

Do you visit temple in search for spirituality and pure devotion or just to be talked about more and be revered. Do you visit the temple in search of calmness and tranquility or because you want to termed as a very spiritual being. If so then you must read these 5 things that you should not indulge in while in a temple.

5 reasons to help others

Do you always wonder why should I help a 3rd person whom I have never met in my life. Are you unable to see the hidden benefits in helping others out. Well here are 5 most solid reasons why you must help others out.

5 ways to be an efficient manager

Are you a first time manager in your office? Are you the leader of the cricket or football team in your college? Is managing a team cumbersome. Well here are 5 most noteworthy ways on how you can manage a team.