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Top 10 Cool Gadgets for an Amazing Start to 2021

With the high rate of transmission of COVID-19, 2020 has been a tough year. Even a decade ago, the concept of 4G was completely new to us. However, over the past year, massive corporations and startups lined up several new releases. Unbelievably, despite the global pandemic situation, we have several new gadgets that are sure to make our lives comfortable, more efficient and more entertaining.

What does the word “help” actually mean?

“Help” has two different meanings. One is superficial and the other has a certain depth to it. On the superficial plane, ‘help’ is nothing more than a transaction. It’s just a give and take process. Whether you feed the hungry, give clothes to a beggar, donate money to a temple, provide physical protection to someone, conduct a yagna, sacrifice animals, or educate someone, you are only making a transaction. You always desire to get something in the end. The only good quality of such a helpful man is that he is patient. You will find a lot of patience within him. He can wait for a day, week, month, year, or his entire lifetime to reap the reward. But his intentions are not noteworthy because deep down, he is waiting for his reward. He is like a child waiting for his mother to buy him a video-game if he comes first in his class. The only difference is that a grown-up man can hide his childish curiosity behind a mask. He spends his whole life building and repairing his mask because his reality will be revealed once the mask falls down. So the only credit that I will give to a grown-up man is that he is patient. Although, that patience has an extremely negative connotation.

Who is a Child?

A child is the greatest gift of God. He is the messenger of God. He doesn’t have any bearing — either with the past or the future. He is just living in the present. He doesn’t want to accomplish any great things in life. This may sound strange to you — how can someone, who…

रानी लक्ष्मीबाई — कविता जोशी

(अंतर्नाद) अरे! यह कैसी मची है बाहर हलचल,क्यों हो रहा है इतना कोलाहल ? ओह! ये तो शत्रु सैनिक हैं ,जो गा रहे हैं मेरी प्रशंसा के गीत ।कह रहे हैं- कैसे मुझ दुस्साहसी ने,हारी हुई बाजी ली है जीत । आह! काल के क्रूर हाथों ने ,छीन लिया आज जीवन मेरा ।यदि जीवित रहती…

How Does a Language Become Global?

Before going deep into the matter, let’s understand what a medium is? A medium is a vehicle that allows us to transport something from point A to B. That “something” can be anything — a pen, a computer, or a language. A pen is a tangible thing. You can touch, see, and feel it. But…

Why Character is false?

Character is cultivated. Character is always taken from the outside. We behave in a specific manner. We walk in a particular style. We follow a specific religious ideology. We laugh in a certain way. Have you seen the difference between a child who goes to a public school and the one who goes to a…