The oath of Raja Janak

The oath of Raja Janak


How Kind is Lord Shiva?

The great Lord Shiva is the kindest in the hindu trinity. One of his names is Bholenath(The Innocent God). Let us see few incidences which proves his kindness. 1. Once the demonic king Ravana built the palace of Lanka for Lord Shiva. While the Ghrihapravesh(A ritual performed before entering for the first time in one’s…

Why Narad Muni cursed Lord Vishnu

Narad Muni as we all know is a devout disciple of Lord Vishnu. One day he was deeply meditating in the forest. Seeing him meditating, Lord Indra grew worrisome as he thought that Narad Muni wanted to capture his throne and thus wanted to disrupt his meditation. He called Kamadeva and ordered him to incite lust within the muni thereby destroying his…